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Developing of innovative technology for thermal bonding of bituminous surfaces with the use of microwave applicator

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Background & Policy context

There is a need to eliminate the undesired longitudinal slots formed in the bituminous road surfaces, for example, at the interface between adjacent lanes performed independently of each other.


The aim of the project is to develop a unique specialized equipment for thermal bonding of bituminous surfaces which utilizes the phenomenon of heating under the influence of electromagnetic radiation.


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Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju
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The project's result is the application of non-ionizing microwave radiation in the unlicensed 2400-2500 MHz band as an effective method for rapid heating of technological slits in bituminous surfaces.

This is the solution of important technological problems of effective combination of asphalt pavements, which will significantly affect the durability of road pavement.

The project presents an alternative approach to the elimination of longitudinal and transverse discontinuities occurring in bituminous surfaces with standard paving. A typical edge heating approach using a gas heater is of a surface nature and leads to a reduction in the durability of the asphalt binder during overheating. This weakening does not occur in the case of microwave bonding, which affects the entire volume of the heated material.


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