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Development of the basic modules of the local roads maintaining system

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The aim of the project is to gain the necessary knowledge and implement the system modules, enabling the performance of complex tasks of managing the operation of the road surface.

The system includes a series of processes and tasks, the fulfilment of which allows for planned and systematic management of road infrastructure and takes into account its most important determinants.


Operations of management includes tasks performed by the Administrator and the tasks outsourced to specialized companies.

As first  part of this development work there were prepared the conditions for the implementation of  all key tasks, commissioned by the Administrator and after that  it has been developed the system of road information, that manager may use in their organizational structures for the purposes of making available the necessary traffic data of its technical staff.


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Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju
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Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju


System operation management of road surface consists of the following subsystems:

1. Diagnostics of technical condition of the road surface within the road network of the region, county, municipality

Diagnosis of the state is made by automatic methods, making it a guaranteed high reproducibility and unambiguous results. The results of diagnostic data about the state of the elementary surface, which can be used for a variety of purposes, including those that go beyond the control of the maintenance of roads. Documentation of the results of diagnostics in the form of statistical summaries, maps, line profiles

2. The results of diagnostic status are presented in a manner compatible with the diverse applications of the various actors in the organizational structures of managers. The presentation of the results guarantees the possibility of their intuitive interpretation and translate decisions.

3. Determination of episodes and maintenance treatment suggestions based on the identified data, images, surfaces and elementary data about the state of roads

Diagnostic results, complemented by other relevant data traffic, constitute the basis for determining the maintenance sections. As part of the work it is implemented a system to automatically generate these segments by the Contractor.

4. Establishment of priority lists in order to generate retention programs, depending on the resources at the disposal of managers

Retention programs are generated on the basis of planning "rolling" and cover a period of the next 4-5 years, with the obligatory planning limited to one year.

5. The implementation of an online system for road information

As part of this development it has been made a configuration of the existing traffic information system, based on techniques online.

Policy implications

The project developed an instrument for road administrator to manage the local roads in Poland.

Policy objectives

The new tool for road management in Poland will  enable better  management of roads and higher road safety.


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