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Development of nanofilled prepreg for aircraft composite structures

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€249 600
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€124 800
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Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)
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Among the characteristics of primary structures of a Green Regional Aircraft, it appears essential to assure a relevant efficiency with respect to the requirements for lightning strike protection, potential discharge, electrical grounding and electromagnetic shielding. The introduction of advanced composites materials in modern aircraft primary and secondary structures presents special challenges due to their inherent low electrical conductivity. Although carbon fibres are good conductors, polymeric matrixes are excellent dielectric, reducing composite structures conductivity. Cytec Engineered Materials (CEM), relying on the great experience acquired in decades of research, manufacturing and application of advanced epoxy systems to the aerospace market, can bring to this problem the know-how required to reach an advanced and sustainable solution.

We believe that epoxy resins modified with carbon nanotubes have great potential as matrixes for next generation prepreg and composite materials with tailored electrical properties. The objective of this work was the use of carbon nanotubes for a new nanomodified prepreg development. Work package 1 was focused on the selection of an epoxy/nanofilled system and the identification of manufacturing prepreg processes parameters. Work package 2 was focused on the manufacturing and characterisation of coupons and small panels for properties evaluation and final product demonstration. A specific testing campaign was carried out to evaluate the nanomodified composites electrical properties. The test plan included both DC and AC conductivity and electromagnetic shielding efficiency measurements. In addition, the effects of a lightning strike event on a composite structure was evaluated.e


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European Commission
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Public (EU)
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JTI-CS - Joint Technology Initiatives - Clean Sky
Other Programme
JTI-CS-2009-1-GRA-01-008 Resin-nanofiller dispersion


Executive summary:

This document represented the final report on the research programme CNMD: Development of nanofilled prepreg for aircraft composite structures, funded by the European Community within the JTI-CS-2009-01-GRA-01-008 framework.

The document provided a summary of the obtained results, highlights limits and lessons learned, envisages future development.

The societal implications of the project, including gender equality actions, ethical issues, efforts to involve other actors and spread awareness as well as the plan for the use and dissemination of foreground were reported.


Lead Organisation
Cytec Engineered Materials Limited
Abenbury Way, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, LL13 9UZ, United Kingdom
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€124 800
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EU Contribution


Technology Theme
Composite materials
Development phase
Technology Theme
Aircraft design and manufacturing
Combining recycled carbon fibres and bio-fibres in a hybrid non-woven and bio-based epoxy resins
Development phase
Technology Theme
Composite materials
Composite materials for structural purposes in the aircraft
Development phase

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