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Development of Optimised Textured Surfaces

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Background & Policy context

Based on preliminary work carried out under projects UG48 and UG84 the project has endeavoured to develop a suitable surface that meets the noise and vibration requirements and has tested potential profiles. Subjects drove over the surface and their observations and performance were recorded. Seven on-road trials were then carried out and monitored to assess actual performance.


The results will be disseminated in a report, a Traffic Advisory Leaflet and papers in technical publications and seminars. The surface could have particular potential for use in rural areas, where objections are often voiced against the more conspicuous type of traffic calming measures that have been used.


The project is part of developments to provide traffic calming features which, whilst effective, are generally unobtrusive and therefore could be used successfully in sensitive areas.


The objective of this study is to investigate a road surface, which will increase the vibration and noise within the cab of a vehicle without increasing the noise, or vibration generated outside the vehicle and in this way influence the speed at which vehicles are driven.


An additional area of work has been added to this project to model the propagation of vibrations caused by vehicles travelling over the traffic calming surface.


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