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Department for Transport - Local Transport and Regional


DfT Regional and Local Transport

Department for Transport - Local Transport and Regional

Background & policy context: 

Transport plays a key role in supporting regional and local prosperity, economic growth and enhancing quality of life. To that end, the Department works in partnership with both regional and local stakeholders towards the same shared priority of 'Improving access to jobs and services, particularly for those most in need, in ways that are sustainable: improved public transport - reduced problems of congestion and reduced problems of congestion, pollution and safety.' At a regional level, the Department encourages the close integration between regional transport, housing, economic development strategies and spending decisions to ensure that transport can best support the delivery of wider Government objectives on the economy, the environment and social inclusiveness, and that strategies are well evidenced and supported in their delivery. At a local level, the Department encourages modernisation of local transport as part of its strategy for a sustainable and integrated transport system, improving accessibility and reducing congestion. It oversees local transport planning and expenditure, helping local authorities and transport operators improve local roads, bus, taxi and light rail services, and walking and cycling facilities.

Strategic Objectives: 

This diverse research programme provides evidence to meet the objectives of a number of policy and operational areas:

  • Buses and Taxis
  • Congestion Charging
  • Cycling and Walking
  • Light Rail
  • Local Road Maintenance
  • Local Transport Plans
  • Regional Transport.
Programme organisation: 

The transport policy context and organisation are indicated by the programme's 5 sub-themes:

  • Improving and Modernising Public Transport (buses, taxis, light rail)
  • Reducing Congestion
  • Reducing the Impact of Transport on the Environment
  • Road Network Maintenance Policy
  • Understanding and Influencing Travel Behaviour and Attitudes.
Leading Institutions:

Department for Transport

Type of funding:
Participating countries: 
United Kingdom
Total number of projects: 


Projects covered: 

Examples of projects within this programme include:
- Taxi Bus & Traffic Sharing Schemes
- Quality Partnership Schemes (QPS) and Market Structure
- Better Design in Traffic Management
- Integrated Traffic Management in Urban Environment
- Network Monitoring, Modelling & Management
- TRAMAQ - Emission Modelling and Traffic Management
- Safe Town Initiative: Environmental Effects
- UK Pavement Management System: strategic review
- Review of the Effects of Road Surface Materials on Road Lighting Performance
- Shared Use Facilities for Pedestrians and Cyclists
- People's Understanding of and Attitudes to Congestion

Project Profiles:
  1. Assessing the effect of street works lane rental (pilot schemes)
  2. Assessment of the economic and social impact of clear zones
  3. Car share and car clubs – Potential and impacts
  4. Cycling facilities and engineering
  5. Development of Optimised Textured Surfaces
  6. Levels of activity relating to school travel plans and initiatives (2001)
  7. Monitoring the effects of Road User Charging in Durham
  8. Multi-modal modelling – A new look
  9. Potential for mode transfer of short trips
  10. Quality Bus Partnerships and Market Structure
  11. Quiet Lanes Study
  12. Regional transport strategies
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Department for Transport
Regional and Local Transport, Strategy and Funding, Zone 3/14, Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street
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+44 (0) 207 944 8300
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