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Draft European Norm defining a basis for loading safety in rail freight transport

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Standard of loading Rules
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Railway transport is  one of the safest modes of transport. The safety has improvement  over the last 60 years. Nevertheless, we can see some examples of what can happen if safe loading is not put in place. Within the existing regulatory frame, the importance of an integrated supply chain that must respect the highest level of safety in all its components as the risk is just around the corner. The UIC has  proposed  loading rules and their translation into CEN Norms is a possible way to use them directly and officially through provisions in EU Regulations or ERA guidance.


The UIC loading guidelines are a set of nationally and internationally valid regulations for loading goods in railway transport. The loading guidelines volumes 1 and 2 describe binding rules and stipulations for the usage and capacity utilisation of the wagons and for the dimensions of the load. The UIC loading guidelines are enclosed and it is important to promote their implementation and application by the stakeholders, including learning and advices to customers.

UIC loading rules have to become “railway loading rules” opened more widely to partners, UIC has to take the lead as a unique platform providing a benchmark, broad experience and sharing best practices. Railway loading rules have to be officially applied and considered themselves as recommendations by EU regulations in the future, not via a copy/pasted CEN Norm. Another global code of practices is being developed in the supply chain world and UIC has the chance to participate and play a main role in its definition in a global team to work, promote, and maintain the current high level of safety in rail transport.


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UIC - Union Internationale des Chemins de fer
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