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E-mobility for Fleet Solutions

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Get eReady
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Transport electrification (ELT)
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Passenger transport,
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Get eReady explores the prerequisites necessary for the commercial operation of vehicle fleets in metropolitan areas. It is undeniable that vehicle fleets - with their high capacity utilisation and limited routes - are well suited for a changeover to electricity, especially in metropolitan areas. So far, however, it is mainly the lack of charging infrastructure that has prevented fleet operators from switching to the equivalent vehicles. The basis for success, therefore, is a dense supply network, which is to be made accessible to the participating fleet operators in the Stuttgart region by means of a software-based intelligent network. In this way, range restrictions can be overcome. Except for private individuals, anyone who can include at least one e-car in the project can take part - regardless of whether the companies are big or small, up to individual entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations, towns and municipalities, and also associations.


Operators of commercial, public and non-profit fleets with more than 10 vehicles can participate in the Get eReady project. In addition to improving the company's image, participants will also benefit from, among other things, an expense allowance and free analyses of fleet and charging infrastructure. The Fraunhofer ISI will first examine whether the use of an electric vehicle in the fleet is commercially and technically feasible. The Athlon Car Lease GmbH will assist in the procurement of electric vehicles, while Heldele GmbH will be responsible for the needs analysis, set up, and maintenance of the charging infrastructure. In order to build a dense supply network in the region, the newly set-up charging infrastructure will also be made available to third parties. The required software solution for access and billing will be developed by Bosch Software Innovation GmbH. Finally, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Fraunhofer ISI will examine user acceptance from the point of view of fleet operators and vehicle users. The results are to be taken into account in the development of sound and proven business models for fleet and infrastructure operations.


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Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructures
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Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)


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