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European Platform Driving KnoWledge to INNovations in Freight Logistics

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Background & Policy context

Estimates put the share of the logistics industry in Europe at close to 14% of GDP and the logistics industry has had growth rates above the average of European economies. Moreover, six countries out of the global top-10 logistic performers are from the EU in 2012. This basic data support the idea of a potential worlwide leadership of the European logistics industry that will also benefit the competitivenes of the industrial sectors (automotive, food industry, etc.) in which logistics represents a major cost.


European Platform Driving KnoWledge to INNovations in Freight Logistics-WINN is a step forward to increase collaboration and consensus building of the different stakeholders dealing with freight transport and logistics to define and implement research and innovation measures (including policy) that may be implemented through the HORIZON 2020 and member states programs in the medium-long term in the field of logistics.


The WINN project will establish a broad collaboration framework that will include, from the beginning, several main stakeholders operating at a European level (CO-Tree, EIRAC heritage) and national triple helix networks that currently operate in different countries in Europe: CNC-LOGISTICA (Spain), DINALOG (Netherlands) and ILiM (Poland and Baltic to Balkan countries).

These networks mainly include excellence research centres, public bodies and industry operating in the logistics field. Manufacturing companies, retail, logistics services providers, transportation companies and logistics hubs and platforms (airports, ports, dry ports, etc.) are all represented in these networks. The collaboration framework will also include well known key stakeholders developing information and communication technologies for the logistics sector (BLUEGREEN and ENIDE). This will be the start point for a broad and open network that will be accessible for the benefit of all (substantial) logistic clusters, networks and companies operating worldwide or at European Level that will constitute the European Technology Platform (ETP) on Logistics.

This ETP will be led by industry being WINN the tool to support ETP developments and coordination initiatives. The ETP on Logistics will provide input to HORIZON 2020 program and will be the voice of the sector (industry, authorities and research) in order to channel main areas of development in RTD and Innovation in the logistics field.


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European Technology Platform on Logistics, ALICE

The (WINN) project is building a collaboration framework between already established networks in freight logistics. Moreover, WINN has established the European Technology Platform on logistics, ALICE.

The 'Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe' (ALICE) network is providing the framework for a broad collaboration within and among transport modes. It encompasses all different stakeholders being shippers as well as logistics service providers, the primary stakeholders. The organisation will also stimulate research and innovation in the field according to industry needs. The EU Commission gave ALICE the official status of ETP.

Estimates put the share of logistics industry in the GDP of Europe at close to 14 %. Freight logistics inefficiency is a major cost driver and contributes unnecessarily to a negative carbon footprint of transport. Eurostat surveys estimate that 24 % of good vehicles in the EU are running empty and the average loading of the rest is 57 % giving an overall efficiency of 43 %. Flow imbalances can explain only half of this loss. The total cost burden of road freight transport inefficiency is estimated as EUR160 billion and 1.3 % of EU27 CO footprint. Efficiency in logistics, therefore, is a key element for the further growth of industrial activity and trade on a global scale. (ALICE) is currently involving 40+ organisations and has established close collaboration with Member States and 50+ European Logistics Clusters. Building up and supporting this strong network is the fundamental mission of the project to define a proper research and innovation strategy for the sector.

ALICE has been set up to develop a comprehensive strategy for research, innovation and market deployment of logistics and supply chain management innovation in Europe with the mission to contribute to a 30 % improvement of end to end logistics performance by 2030. ALICE is also co-producing SRA's with other Technology Platforms such as the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) urban distribution.

ALICE has identified five different areas that need to be specifically analysed and addressed in terms of future research and innovation needs to achieve its mission. These areas are informational systems for interconnected logistics, global supply and secure supply chains as well as corridors, hubs and synchromodality. Moreover, global supply network coordination and collaboration and urban logistics come under the proposed ALICE umbrella.

Five different working groups have been launched, one in each of these areas to further analyse and define research and innovation strategies, roadmaps and priorities agreed by all stakeholders to achieve ALICE vision and mission. The results serve European Commission objectives according to the definition of Mobility for Growth chapter of HORIZON 2020 programme.


Lead Organisation
Centro Nacional De Competencia En Logistica Integral
Edificio Nayade , Bloque 5, Calle Bari 55, 50197 Zaragoza, Spain
EU Contribution
€255 811
Partner Organisations
Instytut Logistyki I Magazynowania
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€116 202
Bluegreen Strategy Srl
Via Isonzo, 40033 Casalecchio Di Reno Bo, Italy
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€74 071
Alliance For Logistics Innovation Through Collaboration In Europe
Place Marie Jose 6/25, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium
EU Contribution
€107 654
Stichting Dutch Institute For Advanced Logistics
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€313 411
Enide Solutions .s.l
Calle La Font Planta 2 27, 8740 Sant Andreu De La Barca, Spain
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€155 968


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