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Evaluation and transfer into the practice of research projects in the field of bridge research (AGB1999/160)

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Background & Policy context

In the framework of bridge research (working group for bridge research of FEDRO), so far about 30 research projects have been completed.
We have a sound technical knowledge; however we are not too successful as far as the knowledge transfer into the practice is concerned. Although the working group for bridge research made constant efforts in this direction (conferences for example), it seems that the knowledge transfer into the practice can still be improved.


Analysing the situation.
Studying the completed research projects methodically and systematically with regard to the transfer into the practice (What has been transferred? What has been introduced in the practice? What has not been introduced in the practice, and why?).
Proposing measures for improving the situation.
All completed research projects in the domain of the working group for bridge research should be analysed systematically with regard to the degree of transfer into the practice; discussions with other organisations and with decision makers should be undertaken; experiences from abroad (methods of knowledge transfer; what can we learn?) should be taken into account if possible.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Final report in Germand is attached.


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