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Green Connect - A public CNG network

Green Connect - A public CNG network


The Action is part of a Global Project which intends to develop a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) network in Ireland with renewable gas integration, of 91 CNG stations, 12 renewable gas injection facilities linked to the grid and with a target of between 2,500 to 3,000 CNG vehicles by 2030. The Action aims to create favourable conditions to support the uptake of CNG in transport in Ireland. It involves the building of a network of 21 fixed CNG stations, supplemented with 4 mobile CNG refuelling units. The Action further supports the decarbonisation of the transport sector via the building of four facilities which will inject renewable gas into the gas transmission and distribution network, which will feed the CNG stations. Finally, to ensure that the number of CNG vehicles utilising the alternative fuels infrastructure grows substantially, a grant scheme is to be set up, with a set target to support 400 CNG vehicles.

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