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The Action overall objective is to accelerate the market development of hydrogen as a fuel for road transport. It is part of a global project aiming to fully develop a hydrogen refuelling network in Benelux interconnected with the network of bordering Member States on a Trans-European Perspective.

The Action consists of the deployment with real life trial of 8 hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) in BENELUX (1 in Luxemburg, 3 in Belgium and 4 in the Netherlands) across 3 Core Network Corridors: North Sea-Mediterranean, North Sea Baltic and Rhine- Alpine. Part of the stations will be brownfield and deployed on existing traditional fuel stations while others will be on a greenfield sites. Thus, the Action encompasses the draft and detail design, permitting and authorizations, construction, commissioning and operations of the stations.

Data from the real-life trail will be gathered from both stations and end-users. To do so approximately a core focus group of 80 end users (10 per station) will be actively involved in the real-life trial and will provide data and feedbacks on their experiences.

Results from operations will be assessed to define business models for the HRS, the client relationship and to define a business plan for the roll out to. Results will be widely disseminated.

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Belgium, Luxmbourg, Netherlands
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