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High speed electric mobility across Europe

High speed electric mobility across Europe


The Action will create a unique and coherent high-speed charging network in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy. 158 ultra-charging sites will be installed along eight TEN-T Core network corridors: Scandinavian –Mediterranean, North Sea –Baltic, North Sea –Mediterranean, Orient/East-Med, Rhine –Alpine, Atlantic, Rhine - Danube and Mediterranean.

The Action is embedded in a Global Project that encompasses 437 ultra-charging sites in 13 European countries. Each deployed ultra-charging station will be implemented in a modular way that will allow convenient upgrade of technologies (from 150 kW to 350 kW capacities). The ultra-charging stations will enable charging times of a full 400 km range battery in 20-30 minutes equivalent to 100 kilometres in 6-8 minutes.

Access to the stations will be based on principles of open access and interoperability.

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Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom
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