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Innovations in intermodal freight transport (VSS2011/805)

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The project has the following objectives:

• Determination of future trends in the logistics market and deriving the future requirements for the system of combined transport in Switzerland differentiated by transit transport, import / export transport and inland transport.
• Determination of innovations (operation, infrastructure, vehicles, handling and last-mile-operation) in unaccompanied combined transport (UCT) which are currently in development or in experimental stage and evaluation of its potential regarding to the future requirements of the logistic market.
• Identification of optimisation potentials in combined transport and derivation of recommendations for a strategy for the future development of combined transport in Switzerland.
• Development of proposals for the amendment and adjustment of the existing planning and design standards as well as any new standards in terms of combined transport.


In the first step, the structure of the Swiss unaccompanied combined transport (UCT) will be analysed to identify the markets, in which the UCT already has a strong market position and which it has not yet penetrated. On this basis about 10 representative transport chains will be investigated and the barriers for a shift of road transport to UCT will be identified. In parallel the innovations in UCT, which have been developed or are in a test phase, will be identified, analysed and assessed.
The results of both steps are combined by verifying whether the transfer barriers can be overcome by innovative systems. For the 'shiftable' transport chains, the economic potential will be evaluated and migration strategies for the recommended innovations will be developed.
The study will focus on the identification of innovations that may ensure a sustainable shift from road transport.
The following work packages will apply:
WP 1: Analysis of UCT and transport chains in Switzerland
WP 2: Evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of innovations in UCT
WP 3: Determination of the potential for modal shift
WP 4: Specification of the need for further innovations in UCT
WP 5: Conclusions and needs for standardisation
WP 6: Project Management and Final report


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