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Integrated pv noise barrieres: three innovative 10 kWp Testing Facilities (ASTRA1996/040)

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Background & Policy context

In continuation of the international ideas competition «Integrated PV Sound Barrier concepts» (1995), six 10 kWp installations of PV Sound Barrier are being built in Germany and Switzerland. All installations are based on different concepts to show their typical advantages in different situations. The results from the project shall be used for the further planning of advanced projects of bigger sizes, which can lead to remarkable improvements of the economy of PV.


- Testing of 3 selected concepts of the international PV soundproofing contest
- Technical and economic improvement of PV noise protection systems


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Key results are as follows:

«Integrated PV noise barrieres: Six innovative 10 kWp Testing Facilities A German/Swiss Technological and Eco-nomical Success Story!» Presented at the II PV World Conf Vienna 6.7.1998

«First experience with a bifacial pv noise barrier» Presented at 16th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, 1 - 5 May 2000, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Moreover the final report with these conclusions was  worked out:

The three Swiss installations had to be constructed at different locations, reflecting three
typical situations for sound barriers.

The first Swiss installation was the world first Bi-facial PV-Sound barrier. It was built on a highway bridge at Wallisellen-Aubrugg in 1997. The operational experience of the installation is positive. But due to the different efficiencies of the two cell sides, its specific yield lies somewhat behind a conventional PV installation.

The second swiss plant was finished in autumn 1998. The zig-zag construction is situated along the railway line in Wallisellen in a densely inhabited area with some local shadowing. Its performance and its specific yield is comparatively low due to a combination of several reasons (geometry of the concept, inverter, high module temperature, local shadows).

The 3rd installation was constructed along the A1 at Brüttisellen in 1999. Its vertical panels are equipped with amorphous modules. The report show, that the performance of the system is reasonable, but the mechanical construction has to be improved. A small trial field with cells directly laminated onto the steel panel, also installed at Brüttisellen, could be the key development for this concept.


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