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Intermodal level of services – preliminary study (SVI2007/005)

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Background & Policy context

The project is designed as a preliminary study for the subsequent VSS studies (VSS 2007/305 and VSS 2007/306). Some gaps in terms of quality measures exist for pedestrian, bicycle and public transport facilites and services that have to be covered to get a broader consideration regarding all transport modes. A systematic arrangement of the different quality charactaristics compose the framework for an intermodal comparability.

In the context of this preliminary study the different existing quality characteristics of transportation systems and their measurement are compiled and arranged in a systematic way. The approach is fielded into the different transport modes and into various levels. Finally, the study results in references and recommendations for a useful identification of intermodal level of services as a basis for subsequent studies.


Various levels of services for pedestrian and bicycle and public transportation facilities exist in practice only partly. Fundamentals for the increased request of overall traffic considerations concerning the level of service of transport facilities, networks and operating conditions are missing. This preliminary study aims to decrease these gaps based on a broad literature survey. The result is an overview of national and international quality characteristics and measurements for different transportation modes. The study ends with references and recommendations for a useful identification of intermodal levels of services for Swiss conditions. This preliminary study provides a basis for subsequent studies, namely VSS 2007/305 and VSS 2007/306.


The main output and the dominant activity of this project is prepararion of a preliminary study that arises from comprehensive national and international literature survey especially focused on intermodal transport quality.

The findings of this preliminary study are developed step by step and communicated with parallel research projects. This is to enable optimal coordination with other research projects for transport quality.


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The practical implementation of the results of this preliminary study is to support the main studies (research projects of VSS on efficiency and quality of transport - above all of road public transport, the lightweight two-wheel and pedestrian traffic).
In addition, the Research Centre attention is to maximize integration of the existing metrics to ensure the practicability.


Scherer, S., P. Spacek, U. Weidmann (2010), Multimodale Verkehrsqualitätsstufen für den Strassenverkehr – Vorstudie, project report SVI 2007/005, Institute for Transport Planning and Systems (IVT), ETH Zürich, Zürich


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