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LNG motion

LNG motion


The general objective of the Action is to support the reduction of CO2 emission in all 9 Core Network Corridors through the use of alternative fuels. The first specific objective of the Action is to increase the LNG availability along the TEN-T core network corridors covering France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Romania mainly for road transport.

This will be achieved through the deployment of a network for LNG and LNG/CNG stations in a large-scale pilot. Real life trials will include permitting, construction and testing of 28 larger stations of the M40 type and 14 stations of the smaller M20 type. Results of these real-life trials will facilitate the large-scale rollout of 400 LNG fuelling stations across Europe after the project period. In parallel, 200 trucks will be equipped, within the Action, with LNG and will use the stations along the corridors. The second specific objective of the Action is to study the commercial, operational, technical and environmental aspects of LNG for trucks, in a real-life trial and to share parts of these data amongst stakeholders.

This objective will be achieved with the collection of data from the 200 LNG fuelled trucks, as well as from the operation of the stations. The gathered data will be used to create a social cost benefit analyses, a LNG business case for the EU transport sector and to formulate best practices and lessons learned regarding permitting.

The third specific objective of the Action is to support the minimisation of GHG, CO2, NOX and PM emissions. This objective will be achieved through the elaboration of a feasibility study on Bio-LNG. The technical and economic feasibility of the use of Bio-LNG for road will also be studied.

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France, Netherlands
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Axegaz Sas

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Pitpoint.ev Bv


Gca Logistique

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