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LNG Rollout in Central Europe - for a greener transportation sector

LNG Rollout in Central Europe - for a greener transportation sector


This Action is the roll-out of Action 2015-DE-TM-0376-M, consisting of a pilot deployment of two LNG terminals in Germany. The overall objective of the Action is to promote the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as fuel for inland navigation and road freight transport.

It consists of fostering the roll-out of small-scale LNG terminals in nine locations in Germany and one in the Czech Republic. These terminals will combine LNG distribution hubs with fuelling facilities for trucks and bunkering facilities for inland vessels.

In order to increase the efficiency and safety of the operations of the LNG fuelling stations, equipment and customers, the Action includes also the design and development of an online platform to coordinate LNG truck and vessel operators, logistics companies and the infrastructure providers.

These small scale and open access terminals will be developed at strategically important inland ports along the Core Network in order to develop an efficient LNG fuel market in Central Europe.

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Czech Republic, Germany
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Liquind 24/7 Gmbh

Schlüterstr. 39
10629 Berlin
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