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Long-term Outcomes of Road Traffic Accidents (SVI2009/001)

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The objectives of the project relate to insufficient knowledge surrounding the type and extent of long-term outcomes of road traffic accidents, to:

  • Describe physical, psychical and socio-economical outcomes of road traffic accidents in their whole diversity
  • Quantify the extent of these long-term outcomes in Switzerland
  • Present typical characteristics of outcomes in case studies
  • Estimate the associated economic costs
  • Define measures for the traffic safety in the field of data collection, analysis, presentation as well as prevention

To reach the project objectives, the following approach has been chosen:

Firstly, the most relevant long-term outcomes of road traffic accidents are analysed. This aspect is investigated by a mix of different methods which includes a literature analysis, expert interviews, the analysis of existing data base, a representative written survey of accident victims and family members as well as case studies.

The result of this first step is a list of typical long-term outcomes of road traffic accidents as well as descriptive case studies of particularly relevant outcomes.

Secondly, the prevalence of the different long-term outcomes are estimated. This estimation is based on the existing database as well as the clustering of the representative collected datas.

The result of the second step is the analysis of the prevalence of different long-term outcomes of road traffic accidents.

Thirdly, the costs of these long-term outcomes are quantified in two steps: First, the costs of selected typical outcomes are estimated on the basis of our collected datas (analysis of existing data bases, case studies and expert interviews). Second, the costs are related to the number of all cases in order to determine the overall costs of the long-term outcomes of road traffic accidents.

The following steps will take place:

  • Large (inter) national research in the relevant scientific databases
  • Analysis of available data (especially SSUV- and Suva database)
  • Interviews with three experts from the medical environment and Insurance
  • Case studies: five shots typical complaint is drafted
  • Estimation of expenses


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The project has the following outputs:

  • Overview of diversity and typology occurring as late consequences of road accidents
  • Quantification of individual types of delayed effects and determination of their significance
  • Quantifying the economic costs (differentiated by type of late effects)

Other results

  • Determining the type of long-term consequences of road accidents, the frequency of their occurrence and their costs
  • Complete the assessment of the impacts of measures to prevent accidents
  • Clarifying the external costs of road accidents
  • Knowledge to improve health prevention possibly preventing the consequences of accidents


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