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LORD Engine Mounting System for the SAGE2 Open-Rotor demonstrator

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€2 594 991
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€1 297 496
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Call for proposal
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This response to the SAGE-02 call detailed the proposed approach to an engine mounting system for the open-rotor demonstrator. The goal of the program was to define the requirements of the mounting system, design and develop the system so that it meets the requirements and can be optimised and validated on an engine ground test.

The mount system structural and vibration isolation requirements were established early in the design phase. This was done through trade studies, incorporating the many years of experience of LORD in designing and developing aircraft engine isolation systems. The technology used for the system was adapted from current elastomeric, metallic and Fluidlastic engine mount systems to the requirements of this engine. Manufacture of components used LORD aerospace quality system. Bench testing was conducted at LORD using methods established for certification testing of engine mount systems. Details on how LORD utilised, adapted and extended current technology to meet the requirements of the program are shown in the work package response.


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European Commission
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Public (EU)
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JTI-CS - Joint Technology Initiatives - Clean Sky
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JTI-CS-2012-3-SAGE-02-025 SAGE2 Engine Mounting System


Executive Summary:

The goals of this project, for LORD, was to create an engine mount system capable of mounting the open rotor engine demonstrator. As such, the primary objectives of this project were:

  1. Mount the SAGE2 open rotor engine demonstrator to the test stand;
  2. Evaluate innovative noise control means within the mounting system;
  3. Assess certification challenges as they may pertain to the engine mounting system;
  4. Effectively transfer engine mounting design knowledge from the US technical centre to the European based technology group.

LORD successfully delivered the Engine Mount System to the Topic Manager in October 2016, before the end of the project and in time for the assembly operation of the entire engine by the Topic Manager.

This system has been entirely designed, built and tested through LORD European engineering team, which benefits from the many years of Experience of LORD Corporation in designing and developing aircraft engine attach and isolation system. The technology used for the system includes elastomeric components at the pylon interfaces, this technology provides the necessary compliance for the engine to operate efficiently and reduce the vibration transmission from to the pylon.

Topic Manager global engine dynamic model has been used to define the proper characteristics of the elastomeric components and provide the best vibration reduction while controlling the overall motion of the engine.

Late involvement of LORD in this project, as well as the tight schedule and several update of the engine manufacturer requirements, limited the possibility to evaluate and develop innovative solutions to reduce noise and vibration.

Elastomeric components have been manufactured and tested in our US facilities, following the LORD aerospace Quality system, and test methodologies established for certification testing of engine mount systems.

The metallic structure has been designed and justified following the aerospace certification rules and requirements, so it can sustain the specified loads within the very challenging envelope space define to optimize the aerodynamic properties of the pylon.

The final design of the metallic structure was the result of multiple iterations based upon several update of loads requirements from the Engine Manufacturer affecting significantly the initial and update schedule and scope. LORD has leveraged its years of experience in project management in order to absorb the delays create by the update requirement and deliver the engine mount system in accordance to the engine manufacturer schedule.

The Open Rotor ground test was scheduled to start early 2017. LORD supported the engine manufacturer until the end of the project even if remaining activities are not going to be covered by the CleanSky initiatives.



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Lord Suisse Sarl
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EU Contribution
€1 297 496
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Aircraft propulsion
Counter Rotating Open Rotor Engine
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