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"Maintenance of structures": Geotechnical design (SIA 269/7) (AGB2005/204)

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Background & Policy context

The elaboration of the standard SIA 269/7 „Maintenance of geotechnical structures” is part of the SIA-project "Maintenance of existing structures”. It is foreseen that in addition to a basic standard material specific codes are made available. Within the scope of the maintenance planning these standards concern mainly the constructive measures.


The standard SIA 269/7 is going to be part of the general package of the maintenance standards for existing structures. Fundamental technical and scientific basics which are adjusted to structures will be worked out.

The objective is to elaborate a consistent and practical standard in the area of geotechnical structures, which is compatible to the structural standard SIA 267. The new standard should extend and complete this existing code.

In addition to this SIA 269/7 should distinguish herself by efficiency, shortness and been practical. The known deficiencies in the maintenance of geotechnical structures will be eliminated, so that standard rules which allow a competent and commensurate planning of the maintenance are at the disposal of the engineers.


The methodology is set according to the internal rules of the SIA (R48; R66; R72).


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The project has the following results:

  • Establishing the working group
  • Determine the possible subjects
  • Elaboration of fundamental technical and scientific basics
  • Formulation of the standard text
  • Internal enquiry within the commission SIA 267, the commission SIA 260 and the direction of the project
  • Trial application
  • External public enquiry and clearing up of objections
  • Publication and translation of the standard

Technical Implications

The new rules will be in the future, both financially and technically a great advantage compared to the current situation. The standard work includes all gained and relevant findings from the research bundle in a consistent and user-friendly form.


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