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Monitoring rural areas / Thematic analysis V1 (05025)

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Background & Policy context

In recent decades, Switzerland's spatial structures have changed significantly. The population growth, increasing mobility and structural economic changes induced also a strong evolution of rural areas. A description of the development in the field of internal migration on Switzerland was needed as a base for future development prediction.


Description of the development of internal migration in Switzerland (internal migration between urban and rural) in the past 25 years as well as analysis of the socio-demographic structure of migrants



In the first part of the study the extent of migration is identified in Switzerland as a whole and for the individual room types. The second part deals with the profile of migrants in the different types of migration.

Following basic questions have to be answered:

  • How many people migrated in recent decades from rural areas in the urban areas and vice versa from the urban to the rural areas?
  • Which differences can be recognized between the various types of regions?
  • What is socio-demographic and professional structure of the people emigrating from rural space in contrast to the people immigrating to the rural space?


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The study resulted in a report informing about the statistical and socio-demographic data in the field of migration in Switzerland.

Innovation aspects

The study collected new data and new analysis of the migration in Switzerland.

Policy implications

The information provided by the study  can be used for future spatial planning in rural and urban areas in Switzerland.


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