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The main objective of the Action is to enable long distance driving for electric vehicles across Central Europe, therefore significantly contributing to the European alternative fuels implementation strategy. The Action, including two studies and real-life pilot deployments, will be implemented along the road core network in Poland and Slovakia along the North Sea-Baltic, Baltic-Adriatic and Rhine-Danube Core Network Corridors. It will deploy ultra-fast chargers of up to 350kW (10 in Poland, 3 in Slovakia), fast charging stations of 40-50kW (60 in Poland) focusing on urban nodes, normal charging stations (7-22kW) focusing on intermodal spots (50 in Poland, 20 in Slovakia) and 10 battery assisted charging systems to cover peak demand (in Poland). The Action will ensure interoperability in terms of roaming and customer service management and builds on an ongoing CEF action in both countries so as to ensure a higher density of the already existing charging network. Overall, the action contributes to decarbonisation and roll-out of alternative fuels in the EU.

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Poland, Slovakia
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Greenway Infrastructure S.r.o.

Šustekova 49
851 04 Bratislava
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