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new technology railway to boost onboard internet, video surveilance and connex services

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Background & Policy context

The rail transport is one of the main opportunities regarding transportation safety and environmental protection.

In order to make the enjoyable experience as travel  by train, there is now need the big railway companies to identify innovative solutions to ensure broadband services for information, Internet access and video surveillance, for passengers that using rail services.

On the other side the development of scalable communication systems over time, and allow easy the transition from one national system to another system if international travel is a growing problem given the fact that currently the railway authorities of each country implement their own systems, having developed architecture according to technical possibilities and local specific solutions identified.

In practice there is a risk that the final solution may not be integrated so as to be able to achieve the purposes for which these systems have been designed. Finally the vulnerability current computing environment is one that we must exhort for caution and adopting of security strategy communications network to be unitary implemented, since the network design.

This should be a real progressive in terms of business growth opportunity, increase interoperability in terms of intelligent transport systems, generate new jobs, citizen's right of free information, research and innovation in the rail sector and development of a competitive European railway industry.


Providing Internet in the trains
Providing video monitoring and data management in the trains in a special center monitoring incidents
Providing information points in the train
Providing emergency communications in the trains and their transmission to the unique number 11
Providing global positioning
Providing traffic parameters by specialized terminals,
Providing entertainment and news in the trains




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