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Background & policy context: 

MOBI.Europe is one component of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). The focus is to promote the use of clean energy sources, especially electric vehicles.

Strategic Objectives: 

MOBI.Europe aims to make users more comfortable with the use of electric vehicles (EV) beyond the limits of 'range anxiety' by providing them with universal access to an interoperable charging infrastructure, independently from their energy utility and region.

MOBI.Europe aims to facilitate the use and a wide adoption of electric vehicles; since most EVs charge up overnight, when demand for electricity is low, tapping existing over-capacity generated by renewable sources (like wind) rather than increasing demand for new capacity, this will result in a greater integration of renewable sources into the electric grid.  Next generation mobility paradigms should provide the user with relevant information concerning duration, costs, energy needs and GHG emissions of their travels. The integration work of MOBI.Europe will test ICT services that are able to provide users with that kind of information, empowering them to make better decisions about their mobility.

Through the use of EV, local direct Green House Gases (GHG) emissions from the transport sector will decrease but the impact on Well-to-Tank (WTT) emissions will depend on the electricity generation mix and the ability to adjust this. MOBI.Europe aims to measure and monitor the overall impact of electric vehicles on CO2 and other pollutants emissions and to provide ICT applications capable of integrating energy production with the charging infrastructure, of supporting intelligent charging, and of enabling service and tariff management through the right business models, which would enable the best use of electricity generated by renewable sources.

MOBI.Europe aims to make CO2, NOX, PM10 emissions visible to users, to the community and to the authorities, and encourage them to act on this information.

MOBI.Europe promotes and demonstrates energy-efficiency in mobility through:

  • Establishing the management interface between the EV infrastructure and the electric grid. MOBI.Europe will benefit from this information to create a more reliable and efficient end-to-end energy system.
  • Testing smart charging solutions: Electric vehicles can be seen as the first intelligent electric appliances that, charging in a smart way, will have the potential to test solutions and set standards for smart grids. Smart charging provides articulation and coordination between the Network Management System (NMS), and the Energy Management System (EMS) and rules defined by the users/operators. I
Participating countries: 
Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain
Contact Name: 
Mr João Caetano
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