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Pollutant dispersion model for airports (LASPORT (2007_1))

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Background & Policy context

LASPORT is a program system for the determination of airport-related sources of pollution (emissions). It was developed in 2002 on behalf of the Working Group of German Airports Association (ADV) and has since been applied in Europe and in particular in Switzerland , including the Zurich Airport. LASPORT is a so-called Lagrangian model whose dispersion calculations on the specifics of aircraft emissions (mobile sources) are specially designed..

LASPORT has to be further developed and harmonised according to the European standards in order to get an acceptance by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).


Develop the program system LASPORT (LAS AT for Airports), which determines the total emissions of airport-induced sources and calculates the atmospheric dispersion of trace substances originating with the Lagrangian dispersion model LASAT.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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  • LASPORT was adapted to the requirements of CAEP as part of the test calculations and is now available as a product for pollutant dispersion calculations at airports.
  • Collaboration with the creation of the Airport-pollutant test scenarios in the environmental committee CAEP, the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO. LASPORT has thereby achieved full acceptance as a modelling tool.
  • The test calculations at a fictional airport were prepared, carried out and documented.
  • There was an active participation in the regular teleconferences of the CAEP subgroup "Local Air Quality - Modelling".
  • The work was presented in the context of reporting the CAEP Modelling and Databases Task Force and the CAEP Working Group 2, Task Group 4.


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