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Process model of critical infrastructure safety and protection in the transport sector

Process model of critical infrastructure safety and protection in the transport sector
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Procesný model riadenia bezpečnosti a ochrany kritickej infraštruktúry v sektore dopravy


Functioning of critical infrastructure (CI) is an integral part of providing a desired safety level of human society. Ensure the safety and CI protection is the full responsibility of the entities owning or operating the individual systems, as well as competent institutions of government and the Integrated Rescue System. The project aims to improving processes and safety management CI, with a specific focus on the transport sector. By development of new or modification of already known techniques, tools and methods, it is possible to define a system and way of applying the risk management processes and safety management CI. The main output will be hierarchical model for objectification of management safety level and effective protection of CI elements in the transport sector. The model will integrate the processes of assessment and management of risks to the functionality and resilience of CI with the activities and competence of public administration, as well as owners and operators of CI.

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