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Quality factors of integrated transport system in the effective provision of public transport services in the context of globalisation

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Globalisation and the concept of wider Europe create further challenges in the transport sector. Transport policy of the European Union is characterised by liberalisation and harmonisation. To ensure a quality of services in passenger transport, there are rising integrated transport systems. It takes advantages of different transport fields and is an effective way of ensuring a modern public transport. The project aims to create a model of an integrated transport system in passenger transport, which will be based on effective providing services on a qualitatively higher level. The proposed project will develop a new methodology for evaluating the quality of the transport subsystems that are mainly infrastructure and rolling stock. The project is focused on rail transport and its role in the integrated system as the capacity and environment friendly system.


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The project objectives were fulfilled

in the theoretical part:

- definitions of methods for analysing and bringing several solutions for integrated transport systems.

- unification of terminology

and in the practical part:

- decision-making methodology for evaluation of quality standards from the viewpoint of the integrated transport system coordinator

- decision-making methodology for evaluation of network connections quality, serving as a basis for decisions for providing services in railway transport.

- proposals for a new methodology for setting up a capacity of railway infrastructure and

- proposal for the organisation structure of an integrated transport system on the basis of analyses of technical and technological preconditions for the system sustainability.


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