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Recovery of residual binder resulting from extracting. Standard applied and adaptation of the new European normalization in Swiss characteristics (VSS1999/122)

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Background & Policy context

The European committee of normalisation is elaborating new standard on the recovery of the binder from coated bituminous. The chosen trial procedure differs considerably from the Swiss method. This research should allow to preserve the general principles of the Swiss procedure which is satisfactory due to the precision, the simplicity as well as the speed of treatment of samples.


The project is aimed to facilitate the application by the Swiss laboratories of the future European standard by a complement to the foreword of the standard as well as the publication of recommendations.


It is proposed to test five binders, 3 traditional binders, binder 1 high modulus 1 and Bmp:

- B 180/220
- B 80/100
- B 40/50
- B 15/25 for high modulus coated
- Polymer modified bitumen (SBS)

The tests provided on the 5 mixtures with the two methods with a repetition (repeatability) and by two laboratories (reproducibility) are:

- Recovery of the binder after extraction (method SN)
- Penetration at 25 ° C
- Softening point Ring and Ball
- Penetration (IP)
- Breaking point according Fraass (in one laboratory without repetition)

The types of mixtures, the binder contents must allow to obtain a thickness of the binder film relatively similar.


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Report transmitted for information to the European Standards Committee "CEN TC227 WG1 / 03 / N513"

This is a conclusion of this report:

There is a good agreement between the two methods (EN and SN), when the quantity of bitumen of 150 g is selected. This concordance was determined with several pure, as well as polymer-modified bitumen. Comparative investigations showed an exceptional correlation between the results of the two laboratories. Such correlation has been reached by harmonising the sample preparation procedure, as well as of the test procedure. 


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