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Requirements analysis and development of criteria for use of safety caps and covers cable sewerage placed in paving roads and pedestrian routes

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Background & Policy context

Observations and diagnostic tests proved that caps and covers in service after one year of use, i.e. one autumn-winter-spring season show scratches and cracks on the surface and significant weight loss. As a result, the cover lose up to 70% of its initial strength load. Nationally, the above state of damage is associated with the 70% of caps and covers in service, which constitutes a serious threat to the safety of movement of vehicles and pedestrians on the road.


The aim of the project is to develop technical rules for the implementation of prefabricated covers and caps made of concrete with increased resistance (above class A15) and to dramatically increase durability to weathering and winter road maintenance. Prefabricated models will be designed and manufactured on the basis of strength and durability of samples and after testing in the IBDiM laboratory (at the Polish Road and Bridge Research Institute).


Dynamic analysis of a mechanical system "surface - the cover and cap" will determine the states of stress, strain and displacement of the structure. But research into planned materials will enable a practical optimisation of concrete composition with regard to microstructure and stability under aggressive frost, de-icing agents and strong mechanical interactions.

Based on the research results and technological processes of production in several factories, guidelines will be developed for technical execution, corresponding to the provisions of the Ministry of Infrastructure dated 26 October 2005, on the technical conditions to be met by telecommunication facilities and their location.

As a result, the planned applied research and development work is expected to start domestic production of prefabricated elements with technical characteristics enabling traffic safety on the roads, which placed sewerage caps and covers.


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