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Research Transalpine Freight Traffic by Road and Rail 1999 (328-AQGV99)

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Background & Policy context

Total freight traffic through the Swiss Alps has increased from 1994 to 1999 by 2,8 Mio tons or by 12%. Further survey in the development of transalpine freight transport was needed.



The aim of this research assignment is the preparation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of Collection for transalpine freight traffic 1999.


This project prepared the survey for monitoring of the situation in transalpine freight traffic, evaluated the results of this survey and reported results.


Parent Programmes
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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Report  informing about state of the art in the field of transalpine freight traffic in 1999.

  • Transit traffic has grown significantly while the transalpine domestic traffic has declined.
  • The share of road freight traffic expanded to about one third. 69% of total tkm were shipped on rail in 1999.
  • The drop in railway wagon loads during the past five years has been offset by unaccompanied intermodal freight (containers, swap bodies, semitrailers), but rail freight transport as a whole has scarcely profited from the growth.
  • More articulated vehicles and fewer drawbar combinations are crossing the Swiss Alps.
  • The share of empty vehicles remained constant at just under one quarter.

Innovation aspects

New overview of situation in the field of transalpine transport in 1999.

Policy implications

New information can serve as a basis for further measurements for regulation of transalpine freight transport.


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