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Road run-off Bases and calculation of the flow (VSS1998/078)

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Background & Policy context

In the area of the evacuation route and treatment of water, Swiss standards are inadequate to new laws and decrees on the water protection. They are also insufficient because many aspects are not treated. Based on several research projects, recent and ongoing, and various publications, technical basis for setting standards should be established to cover the entire field. 


The research centre brings together all the technical data and foundation and  prepares a concept that allows a practical vision, complete and transparent to the entire field and standards in order to ensure safe traffic and the protection of the environment and water in particular.

The work also aims to prepare draft standards and their establishment.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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The management of roads run-off has to go through important changes in regards of the new Swiss legislation in particular the 2002 "Instructions" of the Federal Office for Environment, Forests and Landscapes.  

The actual norms are late relative to new legal bases. The present research report MR 18/98 has permitted to fix a concept of norms to elaborate for covering the whole fields of roads water discharge and to define the bases of four norms treating for rain, road spills, water harvesting system and flows in the collectors.  

Based on different research reports, it permitted to define, to introduce innovating elements, to streamline transparently the whole process of roads water discharge, namely:

rain cells, rain intensity and duration, back-time, run-off time, road spills coefficient, watered perimeter, side basin, flows and water peaks on the side of roads.

The rule of boarders, bars, chimneys, collectors and network has also been examined and re-defined. 

Finally, the philosophy of roads run-off answers legal requirements. 

Other results

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