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Spatial Effects of the Vue-des-Alpes Tunnel

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Background & Policy context

Spatial Effects of the Vue-des-Alpes Tunnel is the fourth and final case study of the project "Spatial impact of transport infrastructure". It was conducted by a team headed by the Urbaplan Office of Geneva / Neuchâtel, in collaboration with the Federation and the Canton of Neuchâtel.


The study focused on the spatial changes that have occurred within the new road link (new highway) between Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds, commissioned in 1994. Basis of the analysis was the methodological model of the "tripods", which should demonstrate the interactions between transport infrastructure, the potential of the area affected and the behavior of the infrastructure users: The impact of the improved road infrastructure to mobility and on regional development and the settlement activities at the local and global level.


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The study concludes that the project of Vue-des-Alpes tunnel contributes to current development strengthening (Economic Development strongly standing in the tradition of the watch industry, settlement development closely linked to the preservation of historic buildings in the Neuchâtel mountains, permanent periurbanisation in Val-de-Ruz ), however, the developement seems to have no new dynamics. A practical direct effect can be observed in the commuters mobility, and selectively in the construction activity. In contrast, structural effects due to its heavy dependence on economic developments are not clearly determine. The study also shows that the spatial development is strongly influenced by the factors "potential" and "actors" (z. B. cantonal strategy for economic development, urban planning policy of the city). Finally, the report also draws conclusions for the (cantonal and federal) transport policy and formulated proposals for the monitoring of the transport infrastructure.


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