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Background & Policy context

The opinion of people regarding speeding has been an important base for the Ministry of Transport.


The objective of the project was to learn what the general population 15+ thinks about speeding on the road.


Telephone survey using a technique CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing).

The interviews were conducted on a nationwide, representative sample of N = 1,002 Poles aged 15+.

During the implementation there were used randomly generated telephone numbers and cell-phone numbers 50/50.

Suitable stratification of the sample according to demographic characteristics of respondents and their place of residence guarantees the representativeness of the results. Stratification attempts acquired gender, age, education, the size of the place of residence and region.

The same parameters were taken into account when weighing in addition to the fact of holding a driving license by the respondents. Weighing was an iterative process (RIM-weighing).


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Krajowa Rada Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego
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  • The majority of respondents are aware of how significant impact on the consequences of an accident has the speed, there is however a fairly common belief that drivers in Poland do not respect the speed limits, and even that speeding on the roads where are good conditions for it, is considered not a bad thing.
  • Acceptance of respondents for speeding is greatest in areas where are low speed limits (up to 50km/h). Quite common is the belief that exceeding the speed of 10 km/h is acceptable. Unfortunately, 17-27% of respondents (depending on the restrictions) allows even speeding of 20 km or more. Tolerance for speeding is significantly higher in the group of drivers.
  • The highest average speed exceeding the allowed limits are specific to men, for people aged 15 to 34 years, and for people with higher education.

The majority of Poles believe that exceeding the speed limit to 10 km / h is not associated with consequences and penalty, only for more speeding can be punished. The respondents are afraid of the consequences, above all when they pass the police patrol or when passing next to the camera. Still, more than half of respondents believe that in such situations can by speed escape the consequences.

Policy objectives

A survey set a base for implementation of measures improving road safety.


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