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The National Road Safety Programme


The National Road Safety Programme
Narodowy Program Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego 2013-2020

Background & policy context: 

The available statistical data clearly shows that for every 100 accidents caused on Polish roads there are an average of 11 deaths, 31 serious injuries and 93 minor injuries.
Since 2007, Poland has the highest number of deaths from road accidents in the EU. Poland is responsible for 14% of road deaths in the EU, while representing 8% of the population. That is the reason for the creation of this programme.

Strategic Objectives: 

Main objectives of the programme:

1. To limit the annual death toll of at least by 50% by 2020

2. To limit the annual number of seriously injured at least by 40% by 2020

Programme organisation: 

Every year there are planned projects in the six  areas listed below :

1 Safe man
2 Safe Roads
3 Safe speed
4 Safe vehicle
5 Rescue and  after accident care 
6 The system of road safety management

Leading Institutions:

Krajowa Rada Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego

Type of funding:
Contact Name: 
Sekretariat Krajowej Rady Bezpecenstva Ruchu Drogoveho
Ministerstwo Transportu, Budownictwa i Gospodarki Morskie
Contact country: