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Study for a pilot CNG filling station network

Study for a pilot CNG filling station network


The Action is a study with pilot deployment of 10 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations (13 refuelling points) in the Greek part of the Orient/East-Mediterranean Corridor. The study will identify factors supporting and hindering the development of natural gas as a fuel for vehicles in Greece and will be an essential first step towards the mass deployment of CNG for natural gas vehicles across Greece over the next 10 years as planned in the Global Project. The CNG stations network will be deployed around important nodes in existing petrol stations, to simultaneously cover the potential demand from long-distance and urban transport. The network will combine existing conventional infrastructure with highly innovative CNG refuelling technology. A business plan will be prepared to roll-out CNG network in Greece taking also into consideration the available CNG infrastructures in Italy and Bulgaria.

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Public Gas Corporation S.a.

Marinou Antypa 92
141 21 Perfecture Heraklion
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