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Sustainable Urban Travel CH: Self Review (Self review CH) (387)

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Background & Policy context

The European Conference of Transport Ministers (CEMT) worked out an overview of the measures, with which a sustainable urban and sub-urban transport policies are implemented (can be implemented). The results of this report are a basis for discussion at the Ministerial Conference of the European Ministers of Transport, which took place in May 2001 in Lisbon.


Description of the already implemented and planned measures for a holistic, sustainable urban and sub-urban transport policy in Switzerland, according to the instructions of the ECMT. The action  should be displayed not only in terms of their contribution to sustainability (environmental, economic and social dimensions). A strong emphasis should be placed on the presentation of the concrete implementation and decision-making and citizen participation.


There are described both the already implemented and planned measures for a holistic, sustainable urban and sub-urban transport policy in Switzerland according to specifications of the ECMT.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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A report according to specifications of the ECMT with description of measures for supporting urban and sub-urban sustainable transport.

Innovation aspects

Overview of measures supporting sustainable transport in Switzerland.

Policy implications

A base for ECMT overview of measures supporting sustainable transport in Europe.

From 1998 to 2001, the ECMT in co-ordination with the OECD conducted a three-year study designed to identify why sustainable urban travel policy strategies have proven so difficult for countries to implement, and, more generally, how countries and cities can bridge the gap between policy recommendations and their implementation. This project on Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel Policies was comprised of three principal parts: a series of workshops on particular themes related to sustainable urban travel; a survey of urban travel patterns and trends in over 160 cities, and a series of national urban travel policy reviews.

The project on implementation has shown that countries are making progress in developing policy schemes to confront congestion, urban sprawl and in tackling the environmental problems associated with unsustainable urban travel patterns. However the trends revealed in the survey and in the policy reviews show that serious difficulties persist in putting these policy plans to work and in seeing the impact of policy actions reflected in the data.


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