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The primary objective of the project is to enable to users of taxi services in Zagreb to choose the type of taxi service which meets their requirements and capabilities.

Further objective of the project is to reduce the price paid for taxi services up to 50% of  state of the art price.


Taxi A plus

The classic taxi services 
• service what we know now
• the passenger does not share the vehicle with other passengers
• maximum level of quality, speed and comfort

Flat rate taxi service
• relations Zagreb Zagreb airport (and vice versa)
• unique and fixed price which will be known in advance
• regardless of the number of passengers, the amount of luggage, the time of day or night
• primarily for maximum protection of passengers who are in large number of foreign nationalities

Taxi B plus

  • Using the taxi stands that are developed in parallel with the network stop ZET and the Association of Radio Taxi Zagreb sought to be present at these locations.
  • Possibility CURRENT launching a line of taxis.
  • Line taxi transport can be ordered by clients on the bus, tram or taxi stand.
  • Customers are willing to share a taxi vehicle with other users, and the cost of such
  • transport is generally low and the charge is fixed on a certan line, a person of transport used.

Taxi C plus forward line for the taxi of several persons who have an interest to use the service on the same or similar line in continuous period of time, but at least three times a week.
This would enable users savings of up to 65% of the cost compared to regular taxi service.

Taxi C plus is a taxi that travels from door to door with  users who have ordered the service and brings them, each individually and  accurately to their destination. So users, instead of having to walk to the stop  for a taxi and then again walk to the address to which they want to reach, getting just the opposite: completely comfortable transportation of origin to the place of arrival.



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