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Technology and information systems based on current and medium voltage unconventional sensors for the management of electrical locomotives power consumption with a view to the alignment to the European Standards

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Background & Policy context

The modernisation of the system for tracking and recording the power consumption of electric locomotives has imposed itself as a measure contributing to more rigorous knowledge of the operation duties specific to the railway traffic; thus, this action will lead to an increase of the safety on railway, traffic improvement and economic efficiency enhancement in passenger or freight transport.


The fact that the electric locomotive has the characteristic of relatively autonomous equipment favours the application of the flexible information systems based on unconventional sensors joined with a microprocessor able to perform many functions, not only the basic one, connected to the active energy metering, but also others such as: short-circuit protection, overload protection etc.


It is aimed at the placement of the current and voltage sensors on the 27 kV medium voltage bushing, by means of the connection between the contact wire and the power transformer from locomotive is made. The location of the sensors on the sensors on the bushing does not preclude preserving further on the classical transformer used at present.

  • Modernisation of the system for tracking and recording the power consumption of electric locomotives, based on current and voltage sensors joined with a microprocessor for data processing; 
  • Data processing by means of the methods specific to the technology allows performing multiple function;  
  • Research has as final aim the achievement of the sensor-microprocessor information system, homologated and certified by the bodies authorised for the homologation procedure.
  • Technical theme in detail and specifications for each partner;
  • Unitary and correlated activity reports to the project leader;
  • Tracking and technical assistance assurance required, if the execution phases of different component parts are performed at partners' premises; 
  • Focusing on getting all the certificates provided in the project.


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SC IPA SA Bucharest, Programme Manager: Mr A. Botu
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Public (national/regional/local)


Policy implications

Since the privatisation of the 'SC Electrica' Company is intended, a clear differentiation of the energy consumption per company will be required.


The use of an automatic data processing system will be indispensable to any medium or high voltage installation. Taking also into account the present situation created by dividing the National Railway Company - SNCFR - in many companies (passenger transport, goods forwarding, infrastructure etc.), the implementation of such system becomes compulsory for administrating the electric locomotive energy consumption.


At present, there is a constant concern for carrying out purely informational sensors and for including them in any medium and high voltage equipment for current and voltage measurement.


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