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Territory Arrangement and Transport

Programme Type
Funding programme
National (Romania)
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Network and traffic management systems (NTM)


Background & Policy context

The AMTRANS Programme proposes a balanced management of the territory of Romania, with a view to improving the life conditions, to responsibly using the basic resources and to fulfilling the quality standards regarding the safety, comfort and specific conditions of the several construction, urbanism and spatial planning works/activities.

It is also conceived to develop an efficient, safe and non-polluting transport system (for passengers and freight), providing interconnected transport networks and designing, executing and managing the infrastructures, in order to reduce the damages to environment and to raise the quality- cost ratio.

The projects are co-ordinated by organisations, with main profile in research-development, universities, economical agents which undertake research and development activities.

Strategic Objectives
  • Advanced rehabilitation models and territory spatial planning at rural, urban, regional and national level in accordance with sustainable development needs;
  • Procedures, technologies, materials and equipments so as to provide the quality of the functionality, safety and comfort of the buildings;
  • Integrated transport systems;
  • Modern solutions providing the functional consistency of the infrastructure with the international transport systems;
  • Modern transport technologies and transport services in accordance with the international standards and providing consistency with the European system;
  • Support the integration process at European level of the towns and regions in Romania;
  • Improvement of the seismic safety and the thermal comfort of the constructed foundation;
  • Acceleration of the European and international integration of the transport infrastructure and systems in Romania, including those for transportation of energy and combustibles.    
Programme organisation

The AMTRANS Programme contains three sub-programmes:

  • Sub-programme A: Spatial Planning and Urbanism
  • Sub-programme B: Construction and Public Works
  • Sub-programme C: Transport.

There are four types of projects which could be financed through this programme:

  • experimental-demonstrative projects
  • technological development projects
  • transfer to the economic agents projects
  • capitalisation to the economic agents projects

The Transport Sub-programme includes six modules, as follows:

  • The rehabilitation, modernisation and development of transport infrastructures;
  • The alignment of the national transport system to the European system;
  • Modern transport means and equipment;
  • Durable development in transports;
  • Improving passenger's comfort and increasing safety and security in transports;
  • Macroeconomic politics in transport.


Institution Type
Institution Name
SC IPA SA Bucharest, Programme Manager: Mr A. Botu
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions
  • The funding conditions are related to the types of projects, activities, actions and also duration of the projects.
  • There are categories and types of eligible costs.
  • Subcontracting is permitted, with a maximum threshold specified.
  • The projects will not be totally financed by the programme budget, there will be financing rates per type of activity.
  • The short- term projects, with immediate applicability, will have priority in financing.
  • There are eligibility conditions regarding participants and projects as well.
Participating countries


Mr. Alexandru Botu - AMTRANS Director, Mr Dan Teodoru - AMTRANS Technical secretariat, Mrs Sorin Baban - AMTRANS contact point for the EC's 6th Framework Programme

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