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Urban Tolls as Solution for Environmental and Time Management (ASTRA2002/010)

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Background & Policy context

The subject of road pricing has been discussed for several decades. In theory, this efficiency is established, but in practice, the main hurdle confronting projects is acceptability and equity.

The introduction of congestion charges can be an effective policy to guide the transport choice of individuals (choice of transport mode, travel schedules, routes, ...) in order to reduce congestion in car traffic and allow significant increase in travel by public transport.
The purpose of the project is to study the congestions which are the main cause of time and energy losses of motorists. Will be reviewed the concept of congestion pricing to reduce congestion and consequently prepared a report on optimal policies regulating traffic.
In addition, these theoretical contributions will be accompanied by some examples of urban tolls in the world (San Diego, Orange County, Singapore, ...). Thus, we can consider the behavior of users and consider studies from citizens to analyse their degree of acceptability of such a policy (particular application to Switzerland).


The objective of the project is to consider the following:
1. What influences users’ transport choices (time, transport mode, itinerary)?
2. Impact of road pricing on public opinion and implementation of redistribution policies for collected fees.
3. Various experiences world-wide: efficiency of different types of pricing, faced with the population’s hostility; with special consideration for Switzerland.


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This application could be characterised by a survey of city residents, motorists and public decision makers. In addition, by performing analysis in other cities on the waste of time and on environmental degradation, before and after the introduction of a toll, we could project these results on Switzerland and city determine what are the best policies for reducing externalities.


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