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From vigilance to attention, declension of problems related to the state of the driver and analysis of their influence on the mechanisms of accidents

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Background & Policy context

A study on human error in accidents and parameters related to the state of the driver contributing to the degradation of driving situations due to several reasons.


Starting from a thorough analysis of detailed accident study data, and according to a model of error analysis established by previous research, this project aims to highlight: 

  • The various parameters related to psycho-physiological status that affect the problems of vigilance and attention in road accidents. 
  • Their degree of incidence on the how the driver functions. 
  • The principal types of failures (errors, violations, capacity deterioration) that such problems generate in driver's activity. 
  • The specific scenario-types in which these failures occur.

These results should make it possible to propose targeted actions.


The study is based on an original method of research, founded on two interlinked approaches.

On the one hand, it draws on the concept of human error applied to road accidentology, and on the other, it uses the concepts of psychology in relation to specific methodologies used in detailed accident studies (EDA: Etudes Détaillées d'Accidents), in order to establish standard scenarios.

This method thus makes it possible to highlight the generic processes that lead to the error and to the accident.


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METLTM: Ministère de l'Equipement, des Transports, du Logement, du Tourisme et de la Mer (Ministry of Public Works, Transport, Housing, Tourism and the Sea):(1) DSCR (Road Traffic and Safety Directorate)(2) DRAST (Research Directorate)
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