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Virtual Press Office to improve EU Sustainable Surface Transport research media visibility at national and regional level

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Background & Policy context

The main idea of PRESS4TRANSPORT was to fill a gap of communication capabilities by the projects for a correct and truly visible dissemination of the results achieved. A group of professional journalists operated behind the Virtual Press Office and transformed the inputs received by the consortia on their communication needs into professional press releases. The definitive goal of PRESS4TRANSPORT was to help national and regional SST RTD project consortia communicate their research results through mainstream European media.


The aim of PRESS4TRANSPORT (Virtual Press Office to improve EU Sustainable Surface Transport research media visibility at national and regional level) was to promote sustainable surface transport research results at national and regional level by employing an innovative dissemination methodology with a new powerful tool capable of enhancing and maximising the media visibility of the SST results and products achieved and the research carried out.


PRESS4TRANSPORT collected, structured and most importantly made key national and regional RTD results via a user-friendly, low-maintenance online platform accessible and visible. This served as both a complementary tool to the Transport Knowledge Research Centre (TKRC, now TRIP) and a unique added-value VPO service to strengthen the use of already available and upcoming research results for promotion towards a wider audience. The initial target of transport research projects to be disseminated was defined as: Sustainable surface transport mobility, Freight transport (road and rail), Maritime/Waterborne transport.

The process was as follows:

  1. A project co-ordinator or another representative of a national or regional SUSTAINABLE SURFACE TRANSPORT project registers with the PRESS4TRANSPORT platform answering simple questions concerning its particular needs.
  2. Validation process. The PRESS4TRANSPORT journalist received the information and re-edited it in a professional press-release format which would automatically be submitted to the PRESS4TRANSPORT research to scientifically validate it. Your press release would benefit from a thorough technical review from our scientific partners POLOMOB, BUTE-DHRE and MDCE. Before the final stage, the user would have the possibility to check and validate the information that would be sent out, so ensuring a check on the entire communication process towards the media. Permission would always be asked first, before diffusing any information.
  3. Dissemination. After validation, the press release would be placed on a list to be sent to the media: it would then be archived and visible in the public section of the PRESS4TRANSPORT portal ready to be submitted to the selected target media.


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The European Commission
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PRESS4TRANSPORT established a Virtual Press Office (VPO) to improve EU sustainable surface transport research media visibility at national and regional level. The VPO consisted of a dissemination platform. The results of national and regional transport research projects across Europe were collected, structured, analysed and disseminated.

Furthermore, eight thematic analysis fiches were published.

Congestion Charging - Tested Methodologies and results from Europe Maritime Transport
This document presented a mobility demand management tool - congestion charging - as implemented in the European Union.

Intelligent Transportation Systems - Automatic Vehicle Location and Monitoring Systems
This document reports an analysis of the possibility for using Intelligent Transport Systems, in particular the Automatic Vehicle Location and Monitoring Systems (AVL and AVM).

Intelligent Transportation Systems - Sustainable Mobility Pilot Research Projects in Touristic Areas
In these documents several projects were discussed which were aimed at identifying best practices and appropriate policies to enhance sustainable transportation in cities and protected areas such as, national parks or nature reserves in order to deal with the risks deriving from the high level of pollution in these areas.

Sustainable Transport System - Hybrid and Electric Propulsion - National R&D Projects
This document illustrates the main characteristics of electric and hybrid vehicles by giving a general overview on the available technologies and introducing the EU policy background. Moreover, two high budget national programs selected among the projects registered on the PRESS4TRANSPORT platform are presented and compared.

Maritime Transport - Education and Competence Development in a Maritime EU
This document focuses on maritime education and competence development which is part and parcel of a company’s Human Resource Management Strategy and an area that is in great need of attention, in order to retain and develop competences in a maritime EU and maintain a competitive position in the global market.

Tested Methodologies and Results from Europe- High Speed Rail
This document gives an overall view of high-speed rail in Europe. It describes the policy background of this mode of transport and shows how the high-speed rail became integrated and non-negligible part of the European policies. It also gives a thorou

Strategy targets

Innovating for the future: technology and behaviour: Promoting more sustainable development


Lead Organisation
Cybion Srl
Via Della Scrofa 117, 186 Roma, Italy
EU Contribution
€192 335
Partner Organisations
Maritime Development Center
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€141 715
Agc Glass Europe Sa
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€110 477
Budapest University Of Technology And Economics
BUDAPEST, Muegyetem rakpart 3., 1111, Hungary
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€56 576
Inova+ - Innovation Services, Sa
Rua Dr Afonso Cordeiro 567, 4450N/A309 Matosinhos, Portugal
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€92 073
Stichting European Journalism Centre
Avenue Ceramique 50, 6221 KV Maastricht, Netherlands
EU Contribution
€76 505
Universita Degli Studi Di Roma "la Sapienza"
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185 ROMA, Italy
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€70 566


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Information systems
Transport research and innovation strategies
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