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VSS2011/107 - Manual for the conceptual design and reconstruction of urban main roads (rural and urban centres)

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STRIA Roadmaps
Smart mobility and services (SMO)
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Passenger transport,
Freight transport


Background & Policy context

The project contributes to the policy area of Infrastructure and general planning of land-use and transport systems.


The manual is aimed at road space designing in different local situations in the cities, suburban communities and rural communities of Switzerland. It provides general design standards and a toolkit of recommended street-designs for typical situations in urban contexts that have proven themselves in practice. The guide is intended to guarantee safe and integrated main roads with high-capacity. The manual provides potential users with a comprehensive assistance for the conceptual design and shaping of main roads in urban areas.


The methods consisted in developing a manual for the conceptual design and shaping of main roads in urban areas. The manual shows the design process with all its aspects and fully embedded in the superior planning process. The manual includes the following contents:
• Definition of requirements for road space,
• A classification of typical street-situations in urban contexts, based on the town construction and its traffic-related function,
• Demonstration of the requirements for road space: Accessibility features (parking, delivery and loading, etc.), type and degree of building and land use, safety, operation and maintenance, etc.
• Classification of the conceptual design and shaping of main roads in the superior planning process and processes of participation
• Development process of design concepts:
- Development of a methodology for the conceptual design process (adaptation of the "two-way approach" of the RASt 06),
- Design principles and objectives recorded from the function of traffic and urban integration (dividing sections, operation concept, capacity, shaping, road safety),
- Design elements of roads (lanes, public transport, bike, sidewalk, crossings, parking lots, crossroads etc.), space requirements of road users (structure gauge),
- Development of recommended street-designs for typical situations in urban contexts,
- Elements of design and materials.


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Swiss Association of Road and Transportation Experts
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Public (national/regional/local)


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