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VSS2011/807 - Multifunctional small and medium freight facilities

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Background & Policy context

The project completes the policy area of Infrastructure and general planning of land-use and Transport systems.


The main project objective is analysing the state of the art and best practices regarding multifunctional small and medium transhipment facilities:
• Market analysis (shippers of main branches,  logistics and transport service providers), needs and requirements regarding the functionalities of small and medium multifunctional transhipment facilities
• Analysis of main factors influencing the layout (transhipped commodities/loading units, operation concept, transhipment technologies, business models, micro location criteria), derivation of modules and basic principles for the design of transhipment facilities
• Investigation and assessment of different layouts and design of different modules of multifunctional small and medium transhipment facilities, case studies for integrated modules
• Cost and revenue estimations for investment and operational costs
• Draft guidelines for layout and design of multifunctional small and medium transhipment facilities


Within the phase I, the current situation and the best practice examples of Switzerland and outside of Switzerland are investigated. Further on, needs and functional requirements regarding multifunctional transhipment facilities from the view of the investor are under definition. Based on the results of phase I, from the view of the facility developer the modules for small and medium transhipment facilities are designed and integrated (incl. cost estimations). An important input is a group of the relevant influencing factors such as micro location criteria, operational concepts and suitable transhipment, loading and unloading technologies as well as business models.
The project consists of the following work packages:
WP1: Basics, current situation and best practice in Switzerland and abroad
WP2: Market- and user needs' analysis and requirements for small and medium transhipment facilities
WP3: Micro location evaluation, operational concepts, transhipment technologies, business models, module elements and structure, basic principles for layout and design
WP4: Model for layout and design for small and medium transhipment facilities, cost estimations
WP5: Integration of modules, planning and design guidelines, financing
WP6: Documentation
WP7: Project Management


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Swiss Association of Road and Transportation Experts
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