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Sustainable Transport and Mobility Programme 2012-2013



Sustainable Transport and Mobility Programme 2012-2013
Transports Durables et Mobilité (TDM)

Background & policy context: 

The Sustainable Transport and Mobility Programme (TDM) is the evolution of the Land Transport Development Programme from 2011 (TTD). The programme changed its name in 2012, since then it covers not only the development of all land transports but also air fields and naval topics.

The precursor of these programmes was the Vehicle Land Transport Programme (ATV).

Strategic Objectives: 

The Sustainable Transport and Mobility Programme enables the development of land, air and naval sectors. The aim is to improve communication between the scientific communities of different areas.

Programme objectives are:

  • Increase the energy efficiency of vehicles and transport systems and reduce their impact on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and local pollutants regulated and / or unregulated, and noise.
  • Increase the quality, reliability and safety of transport systems maintaining high accessibility and high productivity.
Programme organisation: 

The Sustainable Transport and Mobility Programme is open to French-German projects from the DEUFRAKO cooperation (German-French cooperation in the field of transport research). The programme forms a part of the shares of the interdepartmental programme PREDIT4 and is organised in three different subjects which address systemic issues of transportation on three different scales:

  • Powertrains
  • Vehicles and transport modes
  • Transport systems.
Leading Institutions:

L'Agence nationale de la recherche (The French National Research Agency)

Type of funding:
Participating countries: 
France, Germany
Number of projects:
Projects covered: 

TDM 2013

ASMAPE – Modélisation avancée des suies pour les moteurs aéronautiques et à piston

CANNEx – Cavitation et atomisation dans les buses d'injecteurs: Etude numérique et expérimentale

CoCoVeA – Cooperation Conducteur - Vehicule Automatisé

DIADEM – DIAgnostic Dynamique et maintenance prévisionnelle des systèmes en station et EMmbarqués sur train

GTM – Gestion thermique via les matériaux

MACH2 – Modélisation et Analyse de la combustion des Carburéacteurs et Hydrocarbures Alternatifs dans les Moteurs à Allumage par compression Conventionnels et Hybrides

NORM-ATIS – Nouveaux standards pour développer des services de mobilité intelligents


Project Profiles:
  1. Advanced Soot Model for Aeronautics and Piston Engines
  2. Aerodynamics and Sprays during TRansients of Gasoline Direct Injection Engines
  3. Aeronautic and Automotive Gathering for Pulsating Heat Pipe Development
  4. Cavitation and Atomization in Nozzles : Numerical and Experimental study
  5. Components-Materials-Contact interactions in braking systems and aircraft compressors
  6. Decision Support System for Robust Design and Service Quality Indicators of Railway Transport Plans
  7. Downsized Spark-Ignition Engine with Controlled Oxygen Concentration
  8. Driver - Automated Vehicle Cooperation
  9. Dynamic Diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance of Train Onboard Systems
  10. Ignition Fundamentals for Internal Combustion Engines
  11. Limitation of the Impact of vehicules on the environment by means of aerodynamic control using synthetic microjets
  12. Materials for thermo management
  13. Modelling and Analysis of the Combustion of aeronautics fuels and Alternative Hydrocarbons in Conventional and Hybrid Compression Ignition engines
  14. New standard to develop Advanced Transportation Information Services
  15. Performing Enhanced Rail Formal Engineering Constraints Traceability
  16. Train Energy Efficiency via Rankine-cycle exhaust Gas heat recovery
  17. Virtual lab based on co-simulation to include impairments of wireless Telecommunication such as GSM-R in the evaluation of ERTMS components
Contact Name: 
Christine Rousselle
L'Agence nationale de la recherche
50 avenue Daumesnil
Contact country:
01 73 54 82 73