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Fundamentals for the use of recycled concrete comprised of concrete material (AGB2005/021)

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Background & Policy context

The current state of the art about the amount of recycled mineral building materials as well as the vision of a closed material cycle was summariserd in Moser et. al (2004).

Two reinforced concretes of different composition as compared to a normal concrete building material regarding technological properties were investigated at Empa (Leemann & Olbrecht 1999).

The high porosity of the recycled aggregate leads to a less good processability and increases brick demolition portion of elastic modulus with the same compressive strength is small.

The mixing ratios according Leemann & Olbrecht (1999) static load tests were at Empa on beams of concrete and RC concrete performed (Olia 2000) were significant due to the greatly reduced modulus of elasticity the larger deflections of the beams RC concrete.


A progress report on the production and properties, as well applications for recycled concrete (comprised of concrete granulate material) in comparison with conventional concrete, will be prepared in the framework of this project.

Constructive and design relevant parameters for recycled concrete will be theoretically and experimentally investigated compared to light-weight concrete.


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  • A progress report on the production and properties of, as well applications for recycled concrete comprised of concrete granulate material;
  • Determination of material characteristics such as the stress-strain behaviour and the behaviour due to creep and shrinkage;
  • Investigation of durability;
  • Investigation of steel-recycled concrete bond;
  • Experimental and theoretical investigation of the bending (compression failure), shear and punching strength of structural members;
  • Final report.

Other results

Moser K., Bertschinger H., Czaderski C., Hugener M., Kramer H., Richner P., Richter K. 2004,Baustoffmanagement 21 an der EMPA – Stand des Wissens und Forschungsbedarf, NOVATLANTIS

Leemann, A., Olbrecht, H., 1999, Beton aus mineralischen Bauabfällen, tec 21, Nr. 24, S. 9-12.

Olia S. 2000, Statische Belastungsversuche an Balken aus Beton und Recyclingbeton, EMPA Prüfbericht 840'031, EMPA Dübendorf


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