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Background & policy context: 

INNOTECH is a support programme of science and enterprise in the implementation of innovative projects in various fields of science and industries, with particular reference to the area of advanced technologies.

There was a need of increase of the share of high-tech products in the income structure of companies participating in the program, which in a broader perspective translates to lay the foundations of dynamic growth in the share of high-tech products in the Gross National Product of the Polish economy.

Strategic Objectives: 

The program is aimed at those making the research and preparatory work to implement the results of research aimed at the development and implementation of innovative technologies, products or services.

The main objectives of the Programme INNOTECH are as follows:

  • To increase the number of developed and implemented technological innovation,
  • To increase business expenditure on research and development for the economy,
  • To  widen the cooperation between enterprises and universities and research institutions of the public sector.
Programme organisation: 

INNOTECH program includes two tracks: In-Tech and Hi-Tech, for different types of receivers and using different instruments of public support tasks carried out in the framework of co-financed projects.

Leading Institutions:

Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego

Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

INNOTECH program is financed from public funds (grant deliberate Ministery of Science and Higher Education), private (own contribution of entrepreneurs) and European fundsunder the Operational Programme Innovative Economy (IE)

Total Budget: 
311 mln zlotych
Contact Name: 
Emilia Nasiłowska
Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju
Nowogrodzka 47a
Contact country:
+48 22 39 07 430